Verona Cemetery

The Verona Cemetery is located at 565 N. Main St, just south of Cross Country Rd and across from Sugar Creek Elementary School. It neighbors the smaller St. Andrew Catholic cemetery. The City of Verona took over the management of the cemetery from the Verona Cemetery Association in 2017.

Anyone can purchase a plot in the Verona Cemetery; you do not need to be a Verona resident. The City of Verona will purchase back any plots for the original purchase price.

If you would like to purchase a plot, please fill out and return the Cemetery Plot Application form. If you know the specific plot you would like to purchase, please list the section, plot number, and space. If you would like to see which plots are available for purchase, please check the box under the plot information.

Cemetery Fees

Plot $800 per space This fee is payable by check to the City of Verona by the purchaser
Staking for burial $75 This fee is generally paid by the funeral home
Staking for monument $60 This fee is generally paid by the monument company

Cemetery Rules & Regulations

  1. No monument taller than thirty-eight inches (38”) may be installed on ANY lot.
  2. No monument wider than twenty-four inches (24”) may be installed on single lots.
  3. Only one (1) monument shall be allowed for each lot. Foot stones and other markers are no longer allowed (per board decision October 12, 2000).
  4. Within one (1) year of burial there must be a permanent marker installed on the lot.
  5. No permanent lot markers may be removed at any time.
  6. All plantings must receive the permission of an officer (President, Vice-President or Secretary).
  7. Shrubs, trees, rose bushes and other large ornamental plants may not be planted. Only flowers may be planted at the ends of the monuments.
  8. When taking care of your lot, all waste, grass cuttings, soil, etc. must be removed from the cemetery or disposed of in the dumpster located near the service building.
  9. All summer flowers and arrangements will be removed by October 1 each year.
  10. Fall flowers and wreaths may be placed no sooner than October 15 of each year and must be removed by April 15 each year.
  11. Spring and summer flowers may be planted after May 1 each year.
  12. No more than two cremations (inurnments) are allowed on one lot (per board decision June 19, 2003).
  13. Vaults are required for all burials with the exception of cremation burials (per board decision June 29, 2006).
  14. All burials and installation of all monuments are to be done only by authorized professionals.
  15. All glass containers and decorations are prohibited.
  16. Pets, including animals of any species, and horses are prohibited in any cemetery. 

Cemetery and Funeral Resources

  • For further information, contact the Parks & Urban Forestry Director at 608-848-6809
  • Verona funeral home: Ryan Funeral Home, 608-845-6625
  • Other area funeral homes: 
  • Area monument companies: 
    • Spellman Monument Co (Sauk City), 1-800-852-5775
    • Pechmann Memorials (Madison), 608-249-8178
    • DiRienzo Monument (Madison), 608-233-2724
    • Wisconsin Monument (Stoughton), 608-873-5513
    • Dodgeville Monument (Dodgeville), 608-935-3566
  • Grave digger: Linley Excavating (Tom Linley), 608-798-2564
  • Cemetery layout
  • Find A Grave (please note that information on Find A Grave may not be entirely accurate)
  • In most cases, the City does not have copies of deeds issued. We may be able to locate plots by name of purchaser.
  • Cemetery Board agendas