Badger Mill Creek Restoration

Badger Mill Creek Restoration


General Project Information:


City of Verona is in the process of preparing engineering plans and permit applications for stream improvements in Badger Mill Creek from Bruce Street to the Lincoln Street pedestrian bridge.


Project Details:

The proposed improvements include the following: streambank flattening along sections of public property owned by the City of Verona, boulder cluster placement within the channel to create varying velocities for fish habitat, and rock deflectors along the bank at certain segments within the project limits.

The engineering plans included with the permit application to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources are linked below: Link

The project corridor ground surface will be restored with native seed mix that includes a variety of species.  The seed mixes are the same as what is planned to be used for the Dane County stream restoration work.  Those seed mixes are as follows.  

Floodplain mix  (or equivalent)

Savanna Woodland edge  (or economy prairie or equivalent)

Economy Prairie (or equivalent) 

Trees will not be planted as part of this project.  As presented in prior presentations the tree habitat will be planned after the eastside sanitary interceptor replacement, Dane County stream improvements, and City stream improvements projects are completed.  The tentative schedule would be to plan in fall / winter of 2021 the species, location, and density of tree habitat with installation occurring in 2022.

Agency Coordination:

The design consultant and City staff had preliminary concept meetings with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and Trout Unlimited.

The meetings included discussion of proposed stream / fish habitat improvements and obtain feedback from the agencies. The feedback from the agencies was positive and incorporated into the engineering plans that were submitted to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Please note that the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has the ultimate authority on the permitting for the project.

Public Comments:

City of Verona staff will take comments on the engineering plans through the month of April 2021. Please submit any comments to the project contact listed below.   Comments will not be individually responded to.  

Public Information Meeting:

Updates for this project will be presented at the monthly neighborhood meetings for the Eastside Interceptor project (link below).  Those meetings occur on the third Wednesday of the month.

Project Contact:

For questions please contact Public Works at 608-845-6695.


Milestone Dates
In-Stream work permit application submittal Late March 2021 (completed)
Obtain Permits June 2021
Finalize Engineering Plans and Specifications June 2021
Construction July 2021 - August 2021

All work planned is dependent on obtaining permits from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.