Lincoln Street Storm Water Pond

General Project Information / Goals:

The Lincoln Street storm water pond will serve an area of approximately 700 acres which includes the downtown area.  The pond will be located east of the City Center located at 111 Lincoln Street.

The ultimate goal is to increase water quality in the Badger Mill Creek and other downstream waterways by reducing pollutants in runoff that flow through the Lincoln Street channel.

The project will divert runoff from low flow events into the pond by an earthern diversion dam that will be constructed within the channel.

Project Map


Milestone Dates
Start construction April / May 2021 
Excavation of pond footprint May 2021 – July 2021
In-stream work July 2021 – August 2021
Final grading August/September 2021
Project Restoration September/October 2021

Public Information Meeting:

Project staff held a virtual Public information meeting on February 24, 2021 via Zoom at 5:30pm central time.  The presentation can be viewed on the City YouTube channel and the presentation is included below.  

 City YouTube page: 

 Direct YouTube video link: 

2018-114 Lincoln Street Storm Water Management Facility Presentation

Project Contact:

For questions please contact Marty Cieslik, Construction Manager by phone at 608-845-6695 or by e-mail at

Traffic Impacts:

Lincoln Street will remain open to traffic; increases in traffic will occur due to construction traffic.  Minor on-street parking will be reduced near the construction access.

Walking Trail:

The grassed walking trail will be open during construction that is adjacent and within the construction limits.  The grassed walking trail will be re-routed to the east during construction.