Youth Dance

The Verona Recreation Department and the Verona Area Community Theater have joined together to offer youth dance programs for the community. 

Fall/Winter Dance

Our popular fall/winter session typically begins near the end of September and ends with a full recital in April. Classes meet once a week to learn the basics of the style of dance and practice their recital routine.

Summer Dance

The summer dance program is a perfect opportunity to test out different styles of dance to see what your child likes the best. Each style is highlighted in a four-day mini camp that culminates in a short dance routine presentation on the last day.

Prerequisites for middle school & high school level summer dance workshops

The Styles

Ballet: The most disciplined foundation of all dance forms, concentrating on technical and linear development, proper alignment, turn-out, placement, and coordination. A reinforced ballet vocabulary is also emphasized to all students involved in classical ballet training.

Lyrical: A combination of ballet and jazz technique, and lots of emotion. Student learn how to tell the story of the music through movement and emotions, as well as how to breathe life into the choreography.

Jazz: A dynamic form of dance focusing on rhythm, expression, and style. Forms and various styles of American dance are taught, concentrating on coordination, isolated rhythmic movements, and specific jazz technique.

Tap: A form of dance to music that uses different tap tones and dance steps to create a rhythmic sound.

Hip Hop: A freestyle, high energy dance that is upbeat and fun. Hip hop dance relies on jazz technique while adding flair and attitude. Students dance to today’s popular hip hop and pop music.

Musical Theater: Explore the theatrics of dance through the music from Broadway and musicals. This class focuses on portraying a character through choreography and technique. Students will learn how to act while they dance.

Online Registration

To view the current class offerings and to register online, visit our online registration page.