Community Design Solutions

Community Design Solutions (CDS) is a funded design center in the School of Architecture & Urban Planning (SARUP) that assists communities, agencies, civic groups, and campuses throughout Wisconsin.This group was tasked with designing the 12.2-acre property known today as Sugar Creek Elementary School and New Century Charter School. CDS presented three (3) conceptual designs.

October 2019
CDS finalized their report for the Sugar Creek Elementary School property. This report details the project overview, the project goals, public comments, the initial design concepts, and the final design concepts. The report was finalized in October of 2019.

August 22, 2019
 CDS hosted an open house on August 22nd from 5 p.m. - 7 p.m. at City Hall to receive feedback on concept designs on the Sugar Creek Elementary School property. This workshop provided feedback on each concept design. Each of the three concepts has a band shell, pickleball courts, a park play area, and green space. Some designs also include a community center, commercial space, residential development, and a pool. 

July 18, 2019
 CDS presented initial designs to the Community Development Authority at their meeting on July 18, 2019. Four concept plans were presented: 

The consensus of the group was to begin with the mixed-use concept as the based and development three concepts from there with the following in mind:
  • Any pool should be outdoor and transition from zero depth to swimming lanes
  • Place a plaza area in the northwest corner of the property
  • The attachment to the New Century School should remain
  • Path connections should stem from the plaza area
  • A constructed bandshell is not necessary in every concept design
  • A possible makerspace in the New Century School building
  • Make commercial spaces smaller and place on West Verona Avenue
  • Located parkland in the center of the space where it can be seen from West Verona Avenue
  • Tie into the community center with walking paths, workout stations for all ages, and a pickelball court
  • Continue Church Avenue through the property. 
Public comments are shown on post-it notes attached to the poster board for each conceptual design

For more information regarding this project, contact 

Katherine Holt
Community Development Specialist