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Pellitteri Residential Curbside Collection

  • Basic Information, including current collection map and schedules, allowable items, and general instructions.
  • Missed pick up? Call Pellitteri at 608-257-4285.

Public Works Drop-Off Site

The Public Works Department oversees the collection of refuse and recycling for one, two, three and four unit residential properties in the City. Refuse and recycling collection is under contract with Pellitteri Waste Systems. No retail, commercial or industrial properties are included in the City’s contract with Pellitteri.  

Pellitteri provides weekly refuse collection and biweekly automated recycling collection. Pellitteri sponsors a free E-Waste disposal day at the Public Works Drop-Off Site to City of Verona residents. The exact date of the free E-Waste drop-off will be printed on the third quarter utility bills annually and posted on the City of Verona Facebook page. It usually takes place on a Saturday in October.  In addition, the City provides E-Waste disposal at the drop-off site to City residents for a fee. The special charge for refuse and recycling will be $182 per stop for the year 2022.     

The City estimates collecting 1,200 tons of cardboard, newsprint, magazines and mixed paper, aluminum and steel containers, plastics, and mixed glass in 2020 at a projected cost of $156,600.  Each year, city staff collects approximately 2,000 tons of yard waste and brush for an estimated cost of $290,000.  In 2020, the City recycled an estimated 5 tons of waste tires, 3,200 gallons of waste oil, and 32 tons of electronic devices, 10 tons of major appliances and 500 pounds of lead acid batteries.  The department also estimates the collection of 3,000 tons of refuse from one to four unit residential properties at a cost of $439,000. It is anticipated that the City will receive $21,500 in recycling grant funds in 2021.

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