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If you have one or more City of Verona citation(s) scheduled for an upcoming court session:   Policies have been enacted to provide for in-person appearances for those who wish to attend.  This will add time to the process.  To avoid the possibility of a lengthy wait, it is strongly encouraged that you consider handling your ticket by choosing one of the options on our Plea Sheet.  Copies are on the counter in front of the courtroom office or may be downloaded from this site at the bottom of this page.

Everyone must wear a mask.  Single-use masks will be available to those not having one with them. 

Only 12 people will be allowed in the courtroom at a time.  Others may wait in the lobby using 6’ spacing intervals.   Everyone else will need to wait outside or in their vehicle until space opens in the building.   As one person leaves the courtroom and building, someone waiting in the lobby should enter.

You may pay your ticket(s) instead of attending court or completing the plea sheet.  Payments may be made on or before your court date shown on your ticket by mailing a check payable to the City of Verona at the above address.  You can also pay online at or by phone at 888-604-7888 (Pay Location Code 7870).   

IF YOU HAVE AN OWI TICKET:   Please email or call the clerk to request an appointment with the prosecutor or attend on your court date.  Please do not pay in advance.

All scheduling questions, rescheduling requests, and payment extension requests can be directed to or you can call the clerk, although office hours will be limited.

Pretrials normally involve a face to face meeting between you and the prosecutor.  For the time being, there will be no in-person appearances and the prosecutor will attempt to contact each defendant or attorney in an attempt to resolve each matter.  The next available pretrial date is in late June.    

Due to the evolving situation, dates and procedures are subject to change.  Check back for updates.   
Verona Municipal Court presides over matters that originate when a City of Verona Police Officer issues a citation (ticket) charging a person or entity with violating a traffic law or city ordinance. The city has the burden to prove each violation with evidence that is clear, satisfactory and convincing. The court provides a neutral forum for hearing cases.

Paying Tickets Without Appearing

Just because you received a ticket does not mean you must come to court. Unless the ticket shows "mandatory appearance", you have the option to pay it on or before the court date shown on the ticket. If you do so, your payment will be considered to be a plea of "no contest" and you will be convicted of the law violation shown on the ticket.


The Clerk is currently in the office one or two days each week and otherwise working remotely.  If nobody is available you may email the court office or leave a voicemail at the court's phone number.

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