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Rain Garden Rebate Requests

  1. Rain Garden Rebate Request Procedure
    • The City of Verona will rebate 50% of native plant costs for plants used in a rain garden situation up to $150. Meaning the requester would need to spend $300 on native plants in order to get the maximum rebate.
    • Multiple requests may be submitted per address totaling up to the maximum amount
    • The City will provide you with a contour map of your property simply by checking the box Contour Map Request
    • A contour map may help you plan the location of your rain garden on your property
    • A copy of the plant invoice showing the species of plants purchased must be submitted. Either a hard copy or scanned copy of the receipt is acceptable. Send a copy to:
    • or Mailing address: Rain Garden Rebate Public Works Department 410 Investment Court Verona, WI 53593
    • Complete the form below
  2. Contour Map Request
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