Dane County Office of Energy and Climate Change has created a Solar Group Buy. The Group Buy process makes solar easy - helping homeowners through every step of the process and even providing bargain solar rates, negotiated in advance with local solar contractors. Dane County residents can  chose between two different Solar Group Buy program.  For  more information about these programs and entities, please visit Dane County's website.

Project SunroofGoogle has created
Project Sunroof that will help you determine if solar is even initially feasible on a roof. The information was created by using Google Earth imagery to analyze roof shape and local weather patterns to give information back to the website user. This is the City Hall at 111 Lincoln Street that show the sunny areas in yellow with the shaded areas in orange/brown.  

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In January of 2021, Alliant Energy gave a presentation to the Sustainability Task Force regarding renewable energy and electrification offerings. Alliant has three different renewable programs that they offer, but community solar is the best option for homes and business using solar without installing or owning your own solar panels. The second presentation focused on how Alliant Energy will achieve their sustainability goals and the benefits of electric vehicles with the last slide of the presentation having an overview of incentives. 

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Focus on Energy is funded by Wisconsin's investor-owned energy utilities per state statute. This group has free or discounted money saving products such as LED bulbs, shower heads, power strips, and pipe insulation. By replacing old light bulbs with LED bulbs, you will save 75% less energy, money, and trips to the hardware store. By installing pipe insulation, you will help reduce heat loss by up to 80% through hot water pipes. There are rebates available for newly installed energy efficient HVAC equipment such as smart thermostat, boiler, water heater, or furnace. Some of these items may have some conditions such as one order per household every three years. The website can help clarify what is offered and how to request the products. 

LED Lights

In an effort to implement energy savings and improve lighting on the streets, the City is continuing to work with Alliant to replace street lights with LED lights. The City has replaced 52 light bulbs on East Verona Avenue and 16 light bulbs on West Verona Avenue. Lights at City Hall are being changed to LED lights proactively.  

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