Quality of Life

  1. Verona Public Library

    The Verona Public Library is much more than a beautiful building full of books. By providing a photo ID and proof of residence City of Verona residents can obtain a free library card that gives them the ability to explore everything the library has to offer. An enormous selection of books, CDs, and DVDs to rent, access to computers and wireless internet, cozy reading areas, free programs like book discussions, performers, and summer reading programs are just mentioning a few of the many ways the Verona Public Library serves you.

  2. Verona Senior Center

    The Verona Senior Center serves as the primary resource for senior adults and their families in Verona. The Senior Center offers a variety of programs ranging from health and wellness to education and recreation. Transportation and a lunch program are a few other perks offered by the Senior Center.

  3. Verona Area School District

    The Verona Area School District is comprised of 1 high school, 2 middle schools, 4 elementary schools, and 3 charter schools. Verona schools have a great reputation and strive to educate and prepare students for the future.

  4. Verona Area Community Theatre

    The Verona Area Theatre offers affordable access to theatre and all of the entertainment it provides. It also encourages individuals to get involved with theatre and productions.

  5. Verona Area Performing Arts Series

    The Verona Area Performing Arts Series is a non-profit arts organization that brings musical talents from all over to perform right here in Verona.