History of Verona

Badger Mill
Verona, Wisconsin was originally inhabited by Native Americans until it was ceded to the U.S. government, most of it in 1829 and the remainder in 1832. Settlement of the area revolved around the construction of Badger Mill- the first grist mill in the county finished in 1844. A few years later the mill was sold to a man named Samuel Taylor who expanded the mill to include a store and a post office and soon after other businesses opened in the area.

The Town of Verona
On February 11, 1847 the Town of Verona was officially established by the Wisconsin Territorial Legislature. The name Verona came about from Verona, New York- the hometown of early settlers George and William Vroman.

The Village of Verona
The Village of Verona was created by an application for incorporation and a referendum election on January 22nd 1921.

Hometown U.S.A.
As many may know Verona is referred to as "Hometown U.S.A." This came to be in 1966 by a detachment of fighting men in Vietnam who adopted Verona as "the perfect example of Hometown U.S.A." Every June the city celebrates its nickname by an event called "Hometown Days" attracting all ages for some good summer fun.

The City of Verona
In early 1976 the village had fears of becoming nothing but a minor Aldermanic District of the city of Madison. This caused the Village President, Burr Weiland to act and discuss converting to a city before the Village Board. Finally, when all preparations were complete, on April 18th 1978 the city of Verona was officially established.