Permit Tracking

Permit Tracking Tool

By entering a permit number or address, you can view the status of a permit as well as schedule and track inspections.  In order to schedule inspections, you will need a Contractor Access Code.  For contractors, this is your Contractor Registration Number (i.e. Building, Dwelling, Electrical or HVAC Contractor Registration Number).  For owners wishing to schedule inspections, please contact Todd Parkos (see below) to obtain a Code.

If you are having difficulty navigating the portal, or if your access code isn't working, please contact Todd Parkos at (608) 845-0963.

Once you have opened the portal, you can save it to your favorites just like any web page for quick access in the future.

Permit & Inspection Web Portal

The Permit & Inspection Portal is only for inspections related to permits.  If you are wishing to request an inspection relating to a potential ordinance violation, please fill out our Complaint Form.