Vehicle & Recreational Equipment Parking & Storage

Vehicles, defined

Vehicles are defined as, but not limited to, an automobile, truck, van, semi tractor, bus, motor home, pop up camper, travel trailer, trailer, motorcycle, all-terrain vehicle, snowmobile, boat, race car, personal watercraft, tractor, or other motorized or non-motorized device or combination thereof used to transport people, cargo or other vehicles. 

Off Street Parking and Storage
  • In all residential zoning districts, vehicles shall be parked or stored within dedicated parking spaces and shall be a minimum of 5 feet from any property line or right-of-way line.  Vehicles may be less than 5 feet from an interior side property line when screened from view in accordance with the following:
    • Screening shall be of either an approved evergreen plant material or a solid fence installed between the vehicle and the property line. Plantings shall be planted a minimum of 4 feet high. Fences shall be a minimum of 6 feet high unless prohibited by Section 13-1-299.  Plans for such screening must be submitted to the Building Inspection Department for review prior to installation.
  • The maximum number of vehicles allowed to be parked or stored in residential zoning districts shall be as follows.  In all cases, only one vehicle may exceed 25 feet in length.
    • Four per detached single-family residence.
    • Three per unit for two-family dwellings.
    • Two per unit for multifamily dwellings.
  • Vehicles must be owned by the resident who is occupying the property or owned by the resident's employer. 
  • Vehicles may not be stored within front or street-side yard areas.  Off season, winterization, and non-use for 30 consecutive days are indications of storage.
  • Vehicles may not be parked or stored within a flood fringe or floodway.
  • Vehicles may not be used for dwelling, sleeping or permanent living, but may be used for temporary sleeping quarters if all of the conditions as follows are met: 
    • The vehicle is owned by the occupant or a guest of the occupant of the residence;
    • The vehicle is designed for such use;
    • The vehicle may be temporarily connected to an approved electrical connection, but shall not be connected to wastewater, sanitary or potable water lines; 
    • Vehicle use of this type may not exceed an aggregate of 14 days in any 30 day period; and 
    • The vehicle shall be parked on the parcel in conformance with the Code.
For more information, email the Building Inspection Department or call 608-848-9940.