Moving Buildings

Building Relocation
No person shall move any building or structure upon any of the public ways of the City of Verona without first obtaining a permit therefore from the Building Department. The movement of buildings shall be a continuous operation during all the hours of the day and at night, until such movement is fully completed. All such operations shall be performed with the least possible obstruction to thoroughfares. No building shall be allowed to remain overnight upon any street crossing or intersection or so near thereto as to prevent easy access to any fire hydrant or any other public facility.

Required Documentation

The following items are required for all moves regardless of destination:
  • Permit Application Form (PDF) completed
  • Written document of the route to be taken
  • Written document of date and time of said move
  • Bond to the City of Verona in a sum to be fixed by the Building Inspector and which shall not be less than $5,000.00, said bond to be executed by a corporate surety or 2 personal sureties to be approved by the Common Council or designated agent conditioned upon, among other things, the indemnification to the city for any costs or expenses incurred by it in connection with any claims for damages to any persons or property, and the payment of any judgment together with the costs and expenses incurred by the city in connection therewith arising out of the removal of the building for which the permit is issued
  • Proof of public liability insurance covering injury to 1 person in the sum of not less than $100,000.00 and for 1 accident in a sum not less than $200,000.00, together with property damage insurance in a sum not less than $50,000.00, or such other coverage as deemed necessary
  • A report shall be made by city employees with regard to possible damage to trees. The estimated cost of trimming, removal and replacement of public trees, as determined by the city, shall be paid to the Building Inspector prior to issuance of the moving permit
  • Issuance of moving permit shall further be conditioned on approval of the moving route by the Common Council
Additional Documentation
The following additional Items are required for all moves terminating within the City of Verona:
  • Additional approvals from the Planning and Development Department (no activity on the original or future site may take place until all of the requirements are met. You may obtain this information from the Planning and Development Office)
  • Complete plan of all further repairs, improvements and remodeling with reference to such building shall be submitted to the Building Inspector, and the Building Inspector shall issue a finding of fact to the effect that all such repairs, improvements and remodeling are in conformity with the requirements of the building code and that, when the same are completed, the building as such will so comply with said Building Code
  • Site plan showing the following:
    • Lot dimensions
    • House placement
    • Easements
    • Building setbacks from lot lines and easements
    • Driveway width and length
    • Elevation of garage slab in relation to top of curb (driveway slope)
    • Drainage arrows
    • Erosion Control methods and placement
    • Location and material of construction driveway
  • Building plan showing the following:
    • Foundation
    • Floor plan of all levels including
      • Decks / porches / patios
      • All rooms labeled
      • All windows and doors labeled with either mfg. name, or natural light and ventilation areas in square feet
      • Braced wall line locations, wall bracing methods and calculations.
      • Location of any tall walls (walls exceeding 16 feet in height)
  • Elevation Plan showing the following:
    • Elevation drawings of all sides of the structure including any exposure
    • Height of structure above grade
    • Cross section showing foundation, wall, floor and roof components
    • Tall wall construction details
    • Details of any deck / porch guards and hand railings
    • Stairway rise / run information
  • Heat Loss Calculations (Energy Worksheet)
Unsupported Walls
If any tall unsupported walls are constructed in the building which at any point exceed 16 feet in height, the walls must have supporting documentation from a Wisconsin registered architect or engineer or by an engineered lumber manufacturer (i.e. TJI, LP, Superior, etc.) showing compliance with the code. The documentation shall be posted on site prior to the inspection of the framing. Framing will not be inspected until these walls have approved documentation.

Premove Inspection
If the building is within the City of Verona or being moved into the City of Verona, a Premove inspection is needed prior to the building leaving the existing site to verify that the building is in a sound and stable condition and of such construction that it will meet the requirements of the Building Code in all respects. Also, an inspection is required to verify that proper termination of all services to the structure is completed.

Street Repair
Within 1 day after the building reaches its destination, city employees shall inspect the trees, streets, highways and curbs and gutters over which the building has been moved and ascertain their condition. If the move has caused any damage to any property, street or highway, the person to whom the permit was issued shall be responsible to replace them in as good repair as they were before the permit was granted within 10 days. If the repairs are not complete to the satisfaction of city employees within 10 days, the city will seek action through the Common Council to repair the damage done to such streets and / or property and hold the person obtaining such permit and the sureties on his bond responsible for the payment of same.

On-Site Construction Inspections
Please go to our Inspections page for a comprehensive list of all inspections performed by the Building Department.

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