Permit Requirements
The city requires a building permit for the construction of a new yard fence or if an existing fence is substantially altered. Items needed to obtain a permit include the following:
  • Permit Application Form (PDF) completed
  • Site plan showing the following:
    • Proposed location of the fence on the property
    • Distances from the fence to all lot lines and easements, and to adjacent buildings upon the same property
    • Height and material of the fence
Fence Guidelines
The following fence guidelines must be followed:
  • Seasonal fences are permitted without permit and may be erected for no more than 180 days within a calendar year
  • Fences may not be placed within any stormwater easements
  • Fences may be placed within utility easements but any damage to the fence caused by any utilities working within the easement area will be the responsibility of the owner
  • Fences exceeding 30 inches in height may not be located within the visibility triangle area
  • Post and framework must be placed within property line of the owner. The “finished side” of the fencing material, such as lumber, pickets, etc., shall be placed on the side of the fence which faces the street or adjacent property
  • All fences must be constructed in a workmanlike manner and be maintained in a state of reasonable repair
  • Fence materials shall be wood, stone, brick, wrought iron, chain link, wire mesh and planting materials
  • Barbed, razor or electrified wire is not permitted in any area
  • Wire mesh fencing is not permitted within front yard or street side yard areas
Height & Location Requirements
The following height and location requirements must be met:
  • Front yard or street side yard
    • Maximum height of 4 feet between the front or street side of a residential structure and the street
    • Minimum setback is 2 feet from the property line
    • On corner lots, no fence shall be constructed within the sight distance triangle
    • Fences located within front yard or street side yard areas must be 50% opaque
  • Interior Side Yard
    • Maximum height of 6 feet and may be placed on the property line
  • Rear Yard
    • Maximum height of 6 feet and may be placed on the property line

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