Driveways, Parking Areas & Curb Openings

Permit Requirements
A permit is required for new driveway construction or improvement to an existing driveway or parking area. The items needed to obtain a permit include:
  • Permit Application Form (PDF) completed
  • Site plan showing the following:
    • Proposed location of the driveway or parking area on the property
    • Distances from the driveway or parking area to all lot lines and easements, and to adjacent buildings upon the same property
1 & 2 Family Property Standards
For 1 and 2 family properties, the following standards apply:
  • 12% maximum slope from the flag of the curb to the threshold of the garage door
  • Maximum driveway width is 18 feet at the property line and 24 feet at the curb for single family dwellings
  • Maximum driveway width is 35 feet at the property line and 38 feet at the curb for 2 family (duplex) dwellings
  • Driveways must be of a hard surface and all approaches must be concrete
  • Curb openings cannot be installed within 35 feet of the extended street line at intersections
  • Driveways must be a minimum of 5 feet 0 inches away from fire hydrants
  • Driveways must be a minimum of 5 feet 0 inches away from interior side lot lines and rear lot lines
  • Driveways must be a minimum of 10 feet 0 inches from front and street side lot lines
  • Driveways cannot be located within any easement areas
  • Driveway openings must be a minimum of 10 feet 0 inches apart
Surface Coverage Ratios
When adding to an existing driveway, please keep in mind that there are impervious surface coverage ratios. For 1 and 2 family properties, the ratio is 50% which means no more than 50% of your lot can be covered with impervious surfaces (i.e. buildings, decks, pools, driveways, patios, sidewalks).

Curb Specifications & Inspections

The curb cut can be made by removing and replacing the entire curb and gutter section or using a horizontal saw cut to meet design specifications.

All curb, gutter and sidewalks have been inspected and accepted by the city prior to accepting the infrastructure improvements in a subdivision. Any curb, gutter and / or sidewalks that are damaged during construction will be the responsibility of the permit holder to replace in kind prior to the issuance of the certificate of occupancy. We strongly recommend that you inspect the curb, gutter and sidewalk for any cracks prior to starting construction. In the event that you discover any deficiencies you must report them to the Building Department prior to starting any construction.

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