Erosion Control

New Construction & Additions
Application Process
Erosion control plan must be submitted with building permit application to the building inspector. It is preferred that it is submitted as part of, or on a copy of, the project site plan. Erosion control plan must show (minimum):
  • Site characteristics
  • Erosion control practices
  • Location of existing wells and waste disposal systems
Required Erosion Control Measures
Erosion control measures that are required include:
  • Silt fences, silt socks or straw bales properly installed along down slope sides and side slopes
  • Temporary stabilization of disturbed areas
  • Nontracking access drive 3- to 6-inch aggregate stone at least width of proposed driveway and 6 inches thick
  • Rock sediment trap, straw bales, filter fabric fences or other barriers to protect storm and sanitary sewer inlets
  • Soil, storage piles will be contained by down slope sediment fence, or be covered with tarp and located away from streets, driveways and drainage ways
  • Diversion of runoff (sheet flow or concentrated flow) from adjacent lands
Maintenance & Waste Disposal
Requirements for maintenance and waste disposal include:
  • Sediment controls must be maintained until the site is stabilized by mulching and seeding, sodding or landscaping or conveyance to property owner
  • Sediment reaching public curb and gutter or street shall be removed by the end of each day
  • All building waste must be properly disposed to prevent pollutants and debris from being carried offsite
  • Use of downspouts and/or sump pump outlet extensions to direct runoff away from structures and onto sod or pavement until vegetation is stable. Downspouts shall be permanently to grass areas
Erosion control inspections will be made during other regular inspections (footing and foundation, rough construction, final, etc.), and as needed after major rain and / or wind events. Violations must be corrected in the time allowed by the applicable code or local ordinance. Stop work orders and/or citations may be issued for noncompliance.

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